Withdraw money from a policy or cash in your ISA

Using My Plans

If you are registered for My Plans, you can log in to withdraw money from a policy or cash in your ISA.

  1. In My Plans, on the My Plans summary, click More info beside the policy you want to make a withdrawal from
  2. Under the Actions heading, click Make a withdrawal

Make a partial withdrawal

  1. In the Withdrawal type section, choose Specify amount
  2. In the Withdrawal amount section, enter the amount you want to withdraw
    • If you have invested in more than one fund, you can specify the amount that gets withdrawn from each fund. Select Let me specify the amounts and enter how much you would like to withdraw from each fund in its Amount column. Otherwise your withdrawal will be equally proportioned from your funds by default
  3. Click Submit to request the withdrawal.

Withdraw (cash in) full amount

  1. In the Withdrawal type section, choose Withdraw full amount
    • If you want to close your account at the same time, check the Close account checkbox
  2. Click Submit to request the withdrawal.  

If you don't have a My Plans account

If you are not registered for My Plans, or cannot manage your ISA using My Plans, send us a letter confirming that you wish to make a partial withdrawal or cash in your ISA.

Please quote your ISA policy number and ensure your letter is signed.

If you have a With-Profits ISA plan, please contact us to check whether a market value adjustment / reduction currently applies to your fund on encashment.

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