Receive claim proceeds on maturation

If your policy is nearing maturation, we will send you a maturity pack which includes a maturity claim form.

Complete, sign and return the maturity claim form to us to receive your claim proceeds.

The owner of the policy must sign the claim form, unless the policy:

  • is jointly owned, which requires signatures from both owners
  • is owned by a child, which requires a signature from the child's parent or legal guardian
  • is assigned to a bank/building society, which requires a signature from an official from that institution (if the bank/building society has no further interest in the policy, they must send us a Letter of Retrocession)
  • is written in trust, which requires signatures from all named trustees.

Maturity claims are processed within a week of the maturity date, providing we have received all required documentation. Your claim payment is issued by cheque. 

If you have misplaced your maturity pack, please contact us to have it reissued to you. Alternatively, you can download a blank replacement Maturity Claim form: 

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